OPS Consultancy & Training continues to offer proven training courses for UK and overseas clients, both corporate and individual. 

Courses are suitable for professional development programmes leading to recognised levels of certification. Extended networking with associated training providers ensures meeting client’s specific requirements for industrial training.

OPS is internationally accredited by NEBOSH to conduct Occupational Health.

Nebosh Qualifications

NEBOSH Int. General Certificate

This course provides a sound basis for evaluating risk and hazards based on international best practice and generally across a wide spectrum of business and industrial activity.

At a corporate level, it is ideal for companies seeking to foster and nurture a safety culture within their organisation aimed at reducing the incidence of workplace injury or illness.

NEBOSH Int. Construction Certificate

It has been statistically proven that the construction sector is one of the most injury / accident prone activities. This course is aimed specifically at raising the standards of health and safety in the worldwide construction industry. It is intended for supervisors and managers who are required to ensure that activities under their control and responsibility are undertaken safely.

NEBOSH Int. Oil and Gas Certificate

This course has been recently designed by Nebosh specifically for persons with safety responsibilities in the international oil and gas sector. It focuses on operational process safety so candidates can effectively discharge workplace health and safety responsibilities worldwide at both onshore and offshore installations.

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