100% pass rate

100% Pass Rate To December Students in IGC ICC Courses

Huge Congratulations! To the students who completed  the International General Certificate and International Construction Certificate courses  in November and sat the written exams in Manchester  on 6th December 2017.

They’ve achieved 100% pass rate.

Here are some of the comments from the  students:

Craig said ” I was surprised by the amount content involved but it was delivered in a very good way by the tutor. Excellent Course”.

Christopher said ” I was inspired and empowered by this course which has given me a strong framework for the future, I just wish the course had been longer”.

Well done to the students for their exceptional efforts! We wish them all the best and further professional growth in the future!

100% pass rate


Huge Congratulations! To the students who completed  the National General Certificate and National  Construction Certificate courses in November  and sat the written  exams in Manchester on 6th December 2017.

They’ve achieved 100% pass rate.

Here are some of the comments from the  students:

The tutor’s expert knowledge really helped me to understand the subject


The OPS tutor gave us lots of practice with exam type questions and this really helped me when it came to the real thing.


Louise, the tutor, really explained the subject matter well and in great detail, it was an excellent course overall



Well done to the students for their exceptional efforts! We wish them all the best and further growth in their professionalism  in the future.


Great International attendance at IGC course in Manchester.


The International General Certificate course recently held in Manchester, rx had a great turn out, attended by students of all nationalities. Students from Canada, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan, Denmark, India and the United Kingdom were all in attendance and had positive feedback on the course. One student commented, the Tutor, Louise Grundy was very clear and explained the information effectively. Another student added “The course was extremely useful and has greatly upgraded my competence”. OPS health and safety courses are open to students of all nationalities who are looking to gain qualifications in the growing health and safety industry.

We look forward to accommodating future international students and help set you on the way to a career in the health and safety industry. Good luck to all the students now awaiting results!

Other upcoming events in Manchester include the International Oil and Gas Certificate commencing on 7th September. For more information contact training@ops-cat.com.

Successful first IGC course held in Edmonton, Canada.

OPS is proud to announce our first International General Certificate course was held in Edmonton, best viagra Canada. The course ran smoothly throughout with all students fully participating in the studies and group activities. Mike Crawford, nurse   the class tutor stated “The students in this group worked really positively together and put a lot of effort into the work. The classroom environment was wonderful”.

Good luck to all the students now awaiting results and we wish you all the best in your future health and safety career.

Edmonton is one of the fantastic locations we hold our health and safety courses. Upcoming International General and Oil and Gas certificates will be held in Calgary throughout December with more dates to be added to Toronto and Edmonton soon.


Congratulations to Manchester IGC class of December 2015. 86% pass rate!

Congratulations! To the students who sat the International General Certificate and International Construction Certificate exams in Manchester, and 15th December 2015.

Of the 7 students taking exams IGC1  and GC2 – 86% achieved a pass, and for the International Construction Certificate 75% achieved a pass. Compared to the global pass rates of NEBOSH the Manchester results are again considerably higher.

Well done to the students for their exceptional efforts. We wish them all the best in the future.


NEBOSH Courses Calgary

Congratulations Calgary, Canada, class of March 2015 – 90% pass rate.

Congratulations ! those students who sat the International General Certificate exams in Calgary, find Canada 31st March 2015.

Of the 10 students taking exams IGC1  and GC2 – 90% achieved a pass. This was the highest pass rate achieved by any class taking the NEBOSH International Certificates in Canada.

This also compares favorably to the NEBOSH average pass rate of only 50% for the International General Certificate globally.

Mike Crawford,  the class tutor stated “The students in this class really worked hard and all contributed to the classroom discussions which everybody fed off in a positive way”.

Long may this continue with upcoming Nebosh International General Certificate in Calgary,Alberta, Canada commencing 6th July and Toronto, Ontario, Canada commencing 10th August 2015.

Well Done!

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