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Recruitment Division

An International team of experienced recruitment and logistics personnel in our main recruitment centres based in the United Kingdom, Malta, philippines, Thailand, Libya and Kazakhstan. Our long-term experience in managing personnel and major projects world-wide allows us to reply positively to most requests for assistance. We certainly have the organisation and experience to supply expertise and equipment from and to almost any location around the world on and offshore.
The following personnel lists illustrate some of the disciplines currently offered by OPS International. Our vast, dynamic and interactive database of personnel allows rapid response to client requirements. Personnel currently utilised by OPS are of European, Canadian, Eastern Block and Far Eastern Nationality.:

Engineering Personeel

Architectural Technician
CAD Operator
Chemical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Corrosion Engineer
Electrical Draughtsman
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer Commissioning
Electrical Engineer Construction
Electrical Engineer Design
Electrical Engineer Maintenance
Electrical Inspector
Electrical Supervisor
Electrical Technician
Electromechanical Supervisor
Electromechanical Technician
Electronics Draughtsman
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Engineer Commissioning
Electronics Engineer - Design
Electronics Engineer Maintenance
Electronics Engineers Construction
Electronics Inspector
Electronics Supervisor
Electronics Technician
Fire and Gas Design Engineer
Fire and Gas Draughtsman
Fire Protection Draughtsman
Fire Protection Engineer Design
HVAC Draughtsman
HVAC Engineer - Commissioning
HVAC Engineer Construction
HVAC Engineer - Design
HVAC Engineer - Maintenance
Instrument Draughtsman
Instrument Engineer Commissioning
Instrument Engineer Construction
Instrument Engineer Design
Instrument Engineer Maintenance
Instrument Inspector
Instrument Supervisor
Instrument Technician
Mechanical Draughtsman
Mechanical Engineer Commissioning
Mechanical Engineer Construction
Mechanical Engineer Design
Mechanical Engineer Maintenance
Mechanical Engineer Rotating
Mechanical Inspector
Mechanical Supervisor
Mechanical Technician
Pipeline Design Engineer
Pipeline Inspector
Pipeline Support Draughtsman
Piping Draughtsman
Piping Engineer - Commissioning
Piping Engineer - Construction
Piping Engineer - Design
Piping Inspector
Process Engineer - Commissioning
Process Engineer - Design
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Structural Draughtsman
Structural Engineer - Design
Structural Engineer - Fabrication
Telecomms Draughtsman
Telecomms Engineer - Commissioning
Telecomms Engineer - Construction
Telecomms Engineer - Design
Telecomms Engineer - Maintenance
Telecomms Inspector
Telecomms Supervisor
Telecomms Technician
Weight Control Engineer
Welding Engineer

Production Personnel & Production Support
Project Support Personnel
Drilling Personnel
Marine Personnel

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Description: Commissioning Engineer will be required to test and inspect the new installations systems and equipment, commissioning equipment or machinery, to meet the satisfactory requirements or standards....

Description: Certified Master Electrician will be required to inspect and install MV switchgear, commissioning equipment or machinery, to meet the satisfactory requirements or standards....

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