Personnel Services


OPS Personnel together with its international suppliers also has experience in supplying relatively unskilled labour. If your organisation is looking to assemble or add to its existing workforce in order to complete a particular project we at OPS Personnel can source the manpower required to complete the job.

Through our international partners we may also conduct screening procedures ensuring candidates are of an adequate standard. Our experience in this sector provides a timely, cost effective means of sourcing and mobilising labour. Candidates are sourced from countries including Thailand, Philippines and India.

The disciplines related to such posts include: Construction workers, Pipe fitters, Plumbers, Carpenters, Welders and Masons.

Auxiliary services included Travel, Medical Insurance and Payroll services can also be provided.


We at OPS Personnel pride ourselves on paying contractors’ salary on a timely basis. We understand that employees working overseas deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that any salaries due are paid in a timely and consistent manner.

Already responsible for ensuring that hundreds of workers working overseas receive their salaries on a monthly basis, OPS Personnel has the knowledge and experience to make payments to international personnel with accounts located all around the globe.

This allows your organisation to focus on its core activities and not be pre occupied with such administrative issues. Since our payment networks are already established we are able to provide this service at a minimal cost. Monthly (e.g. individual payslips, payroll summary) as well as Custom reports to suit our client’s needs can also be prepared upon request.


We at OPS Personnel recognize the fact that good health is our most valuable asset. Through our Principals we provide a reliable, reassuring high quality International Medical Plan that offers high value for money.

The International cover plan allows clients to choose from a comprehensive cover plan as well as a more limited In Patient and Day Case cover Plan.

We can also tailor the cover offered according to our clients’ needs, usually leading to significant cost savings. For instance, in some cases our clients request cover that is limited to the country where employees are stationed.

Currently OPS Personnel provides International Medical Cover to candidates from over 20 countries; these include the UK, France, Libya, Sudan, India, Philippines, Romania, Turkey and Iraq.